The Most Magnificent Technique to Sell Property Instantly!

Since 2008 the British property market has been hammered by a combination of unique economic factors that has seen property prices plummet, mortgage products vanish and consumer confidence fade as the media circus make predictions and counter predictions of when the property slump may or may not end! But what does this mean for people like you and me who are trying to sell? What about if you need to sell due to repossession, divorce, or financial difficulty?

You see, there are ways though unconventional, to beat the crunch and guarantee the sale of your property whenever you decide.

The first and most difficult concept to understand is the price to sell at! This is always a sticking point for most. I have literally seen people who go bankrupt, miss that once in a lifetime opportunity, allow themselves to be repossessed by the greedy banks and even fall ill over the thought of not getting the price they imagined they would get for their property!

The easiest way to quantify the price you should sell at is by first understanding that your property is not the home that you have loved and taken care off it is not a family member ‘that deserves better’ you must dehumanise it and make it a commodity. It is a commodity that will provide you with a means to an end whether that is a long-term, short-term or even immediate end.

I will explain. When I invest in the stock market I have no emotional attachment to the stocks I buy. I simply assess the speed of which I can sell (get out) to achieve my goals and balance this with the reasons I have for my decision.

You see the amount you make doesn’t really matter it’s the goals you are trying to achieve that do! If you simply look at your decisions from a monetary angle and the “coulda, woulda shoulda’s” you would never achieve your immediate goals.

Now in regards to property these goals could be anything from; avoiding repossession so your family can remain living in their home. Clearing mounting Debt that is causing you constant stress an affecting your well being or liquidating assets to stop the heartache of drawn out dealings with a spouse. Or possibly simply owning that dream property that has just come on the market at a fantastic price!

Once you have understood this concept of using your property to achieve your immediate goals all that is left to do is sell and if you have access to the expert techniques used by professional property investors of how to find buyers who can guarantee to buy your property no matter where is or what the condition and more importantly, no matter what’s happening in the market, you can achieve your goals of selling your property whenever you decide within days!

You see in the last 6 months in the so called property slump when, if you believe the media, no property is being bought I have sold over 30 individual properties from my own portfolio with absolutely no hassle and no stress to people who can buy! I sell to people who guarantee to complete allowing me to reinvest my cash elsewhere or simply move on with my life with ease.

Did I mention that I also Pay Absolutely No Fees which are normally associated with selling property. That means I pay for No Home Improvement Packs, No Estate Agent fees and absolutely No Legal Fees, and it normally takes just 1 phone call or a few click of my mouse…It’s that simple!

What Types of Homes Can You Use When Selling Property Fast?

If you need to look into selling property fast you should be aware of how a variety of different quick sale companies around the United Kingdom can work with a number of different types of properties. These include properties that range from traditional homes to ones that work with different kinds of specifics in mind. You should think about this when selling property fast because of how it will allow you to do more with a quick sale company.

Standard homes can be sold quickly. Regular homes are the most commonly sold homes on the quick sale market. This comes from how quick sale companies can work to handle different types of homes no matter what conditions they are in. These homes can include ones that have been damaged by fires in the past or are in need of refurbishing.

Homes that have been on the market for a long time can be handled as well. These include homes that have gotten into various different property chains and have failed to sell on a number of occasions. You will be able to get into a quick sale no matter how long you have tried selling your home for or even if you tried in the past and failed.

Flats can also be sold through a quick sale company. A good thing about a variety of companies that can help you with selling property fast comes from how they can work with processes that are tailored specifically with flats in mind. This can work regardless of whether a flat takes up a few rooms in a building or if the flat takes up an entire floor in that particular building. Any flat size can work for selling property fast.

A maisonette, which is an apartment on two levels that features stairs on the inside or a street entrance, can also be handled. This type of property is one that could be attached in the same physical building as other flats. Again, this is something that can be handled no matter what its size is.

Many houses in the UK are terrace houses. This means that they are homes that are full size but in the same physical building as other terraces. A terrace can easily be taken care of through the services of a quick sale company.

Any property that features sitting tenants in it will be able to be handled through a property sale company. This is a good thing to see in that quick sale companies will be able to buy up properties that have sitting tenants and work around any contracts that tenants have for living in these buildings. This is an especially useful thing to see in the event that you are the landlord of a building that has a series of tenants inside of it.

Homes that are ex-local authority houses can also be used by quick sale companies. These are homes that were owned by a local authority but can be made available through leases. You can sell ex-local authority houses fast even though it works with a different ownership process. The companies that you are selling property fast to will work with the lease that you have on this type of case.

These are all properties that can be handled when you are looking into selling property fast. You will be able to get all of these things taken care of through a typical company. The variety of properties that can be handled have helped to make selling property fast one of the best things for anyone to do when it comes to taking care of real estate or financial problems.

You Are Guaranteed to Sell Property Fast Through a Quick Sale

A problem that you might have run into if you have ever tried to sell property fast in a traditional home sale is that you might have run into some problems with potential buyers. Sometimes a buyer could pull out of a sale. In other cases that person might not be able to get all of the money that is needed to get your home.

These are all bothersome things to deal with when it comes to looking to sell property fast. After all, if you are looking to sell property fast you are going to want to make sure that you can find somebody who is actually going to take care of your property and is not going to get out of a transaction during the process. You will be able to take care of these problems when you sell property fast with the use of a quick sale. A quick sale can help you to do this because of how the sale in this type of transaction will be guaranteed. You should think about this plan if you are looking to sell property fast and in an efficient manner.

The main reason as to why this method of selling property fast is guaranteed comes from how a quick sale will be one that is going to be handled directly between you and the quick sale company that you will be dealing with. The company will look to give you an offer on your home and then buy it off of you at a certain price. This is a great way for you to sell property fast.

In fact you may be able to save a great deal of money in this guaranteed transaction. This comes from how you will not have to deal with any problematic estate agents or potential buyers who may drop out of a sale. This comes from the directness of the entire transaction. It will be used to make everything go by quickly and to also make sure that you will be able to get your home taken care of as soon as possible.

Many buyers tend to fall out of their transactions. This is a very difficult thing for you to deal with because of how you will have to waste a good amount of money in promoting your home all over again when this happens. Also, you will have to deal with a great amount of discouragement after you came close to getting a deal handled but ended up losing it.

You will also be able to avoid getting into a real estate chain. It can be a real challenge to sell property fast in a chain. After all, even a failed transaction that you were not a part of can harm you if you are in the chain where that transaction took place in.

A quick sale company will work to make sure that you do sell property fast. A company will never pull out of any type of transaction. The only way how the sale will end up being cancelled is if you declined the offer that the company would give you for your home.

A quick sale will help you to make sure that you sell property fast through a guaranteed process. This guaranteed process will be used to help you with making sure that you are able to get money for your home and also so that you will be relieved of a bothersome process that would have to be used in order to get a quick sale handled. These benefits can be very helpful for your needs.

How to Sell Property Quickly in Today’s Current Climate

How to sell property quickly

Since the beginning of the current recession, selling even the most beautiful, unique property has become anything from difficult to impossible. There are many reasons for this; it became harder for people to secure a mortgage, more misty to predict the market and more risky to seize the day. Sales ground to a standstill and people grew more cautious. Most people decided that they can wait until the market gets back to normal. So, where does that leave you if you can’t?

Whether it’s to immigrate to warmer climates (lucky you) or to finalise a divorce; if you are reading this then I guess you need to sell your property more quickly than the rest. So, what are your options?


Not for the faint-hearted! People and developers who buy at auction are there for a bottom of the barrel bargain. You may not get anywhere near the amount you expected and be stuck with lots of legal fees. Get some great advice if you’re venturing down this route.

Estate Agent

The traditional route, that has currently got a little stuck. Estate Agents will fall over themselves to manage your property and can sometimes over value your property to win your business so do your research and talk to 3 or 4 to get an accurate idea of the situation. There are no guarantees of speed or even a sale.

Established Property Buyers

This could be a good solution; however look out for a few things. You want to find a company who give you a respectable offer (average offers range between 60-80% of the Market Value) treat you well and work with a strong degree of transparency. Ask friends for recommendations. Search for Testimonials and feedback on a company. Make sure they are regulated by the FSA.

The initial conversation with a property buyer:

Give them a ring, apply online or pop into their office for a chat. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. You should be personally assigned a representative to work with you from start to finish. They should first get an understanding of your property and situation. Ask to ensure that all your information that you provide is held in the strictest of confidence. Companies will generally then make you a provisional offer at this point. This should be 60-80% of the current Market Value. Then together if you are happy you can arrange a meeting/viewing.

The meeting and viewing of the property:

Normally you will find companies that will visit you within 48 hours of the initial conversation. If you are happy with all the details, the contracts can be exchanged and signed on the spot. There are national cash property buyers that do have this ability, don’t get me wrong you will find that most still take months so be sure to ask the question, how long will it be before we exchange contracts? This gives you the security of a guaranteed quick property sale. How long will it be before the property sale is completed? Again there are companies out there that can complete a sale within 48 hours if you need to.

If you would like to sell but you’re not sure you are ready to move out straight away then there is an alternative called Sale and Rent Back.